When youtubeurs collaborate with Tinder, it’s a match!

For the last few days, videos have been circulating on YouTube about the famous Tinder meeting application. The brand has, in fact, associated with several influencers to share quality content.

Norman was the first to set an example by broadcasting a video in which he explains how to succeed in his profile on Tinder. It can be useful and as always it is very funny!

After 4 months of absence, the youtubeuse Andy made a remarkable return on the platform. His video is worthy of a real short film and has been seen nearly 2 million times!

The youtubeuse lifestyle Lawra Meshi also contributed by simulating a meeting, which unfortunately for her does not go as planned.

On the same theme, you are invited to discover the Instagram A Girl On Tinder account that shares screens of funny conversations on the encounter application!

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