Tinder is restructuring with former Yahoo and Youtube Employees

Tinder just started its biggest restructuring of staff from the surprise departure of its director, Christopher Payne.

In August 2013, the departure of Christopher Payne seat of the steering Tinder had much attention, since the person left the ship a few months after his appointment. At the time, the most pessimistic about the future of Tinder already compared the financial risks of those startup of Snapchat, to the extent that the application did not provide reassuring signs about his future.

Almost three years after the company began a major restructuring of its personnel while recruiting former other online services, such as Yahoo and YouTube. These maneuvers are not accidental: they are supposed to reassure investors about the role of Tinder and control of its business model.

The application of meetings, which is a leader in a very competitive market, has yet to prove its profitability and scalability. These changes come in handy, since that time, it is rumored that Tinder try to redeem Humin, advanced contact management application, according Recode.

“For a startup becomes a large-scale successful business, it is essential to add talented individuals with experience while maintaining the features that made the first success of the company. “That’s how Sean Rad, the director says the current changes in the business. In this case, the new recruits who join Tinder indeed have professional experiences that might cause the application to the path of growth.

We find Maria Zhang, founder of an augmented reality application acquired by Yahoo, Derek Callow, a former YouTube in charge of partnerships and marketing, Ferrell McDonald who will handle communications after managing the Starz and James Kim who became head of the financial division after going at Tiger Text.

In addition to these new faces, Tinder also conducted various job changes within its teams. These new teams will have to face a still capricious capitalization and prove once and for all scalability of Tinder model, in other words, the application of love by swipe she can find a robust business model for expansion.

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