Classic, tantra Massages with, yoni or, lingam Massage. What makes it good or bad is how it is applied. Just as there are good trades and bad trades, there is good tantra and bad tantra. Worldly success and spiritual development go hand in hand. A science by itself is neither good nor bad. Book Online exclusive, the rituals also include an intensive and strengthening. It is a path of active participation in life. Educated Tibetan lamas apply tantra to protect themselves from the greatest enemiesignorance, egoism, anger, hatred, jealousy, and greed. Two pairs of hands or couples 880 Book Online » In combination with your chosen massage: Nuru-Ritual In this exciting creation the elements of water and fire meet. Here the sacred and the mundane are held together in harmonious balance. Learn more » 60 additional charge as an accompaniment to the chosen massage (This can be combined with Massage Sessions that are 2,5 hours or longer) Book Online » Triputa Learn to pamper your partner sensually together with a masseuse or masseur Learn more » 60 additional charge.

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Just as there are enlightened people and ignorant people, there are enlightened tantrics and ignorant tantrics, Swami Sadananda continued. Book Online kama 240 / 2,5 Std. For ages people have been fighting an unending warthe war of good and bad, right and wrong, virtue and sin, heaven and hell, sacred and mundane, freedom and bondage. You will experience our completely new Kashima Tantra Massage in conjunction with some cooling Nuru gel Learn more » 90 extra charge Book Online » Bath Ritual Put yourself into the mood with a fragrant relaxing bath and a washing ritual and combine it with your massage. Book Online kamala 350 / 3,5 Std. Dhavala 200 / 2,0 Std. Two pairs of hands or couples 680. Tantra is comprised of techniques for reconnecting our body, breath, mind, and consciousness, allowing them to work and support each other. In the olden days, kings and emperors used tantric practices to invite rain and to enhance the fertility of the soil. It is a joy-driven path. Book Online sita Ram Gold-Massage-Ritual 450 / 4,0 Std. Two pairs of hands or couples 460. Appointments by prior arrangement only.

miserable. Two pairs of hands or couples 540. Places, europe, germany, berlin, things To Do In Berlin, spiritual Tantra Lounge - Tantra Massage Berlin. But a person of limited knowledge uses that same tantric wisdom to awaken that same shakti in a pendant, only to become a voodoo man. Tantra is comprised of techniques that burn our karmic impurities and make our mind clear, our intellect sharp, and our emotions peaceful. Businessmen have used tantra to succeed in their business. Learn more » 60 / 30 Min. Google, by A Google User, by A Google User, by A Google User, by A Google User, by A Google User, read all reviews. You must not forget that everything in lifefrom the loftiest to the most trivialhas its rightful place. Spirituality without tantra is just a matter of faith and is meaningful only to believers. Yoni or, lingam Massage, combined with, prostate oder, pelvic Floor Massage if desired. But ignorant priests practice tantra to influence the minds of their followers so that their loyalty remains undivided. Two pairs of hands or couples ) Book Online » Mauna-Ritual We blindfold you so that you can fully dedicate yourself to your inner being during the massage. Yogis have used it to accelerate their practice and reach their goal with fewer obstacles. Currently Open, closes at 11:00 pm, spiritual Tantra Lounge - Tantra Massage Berlin, Berlin Reviews.

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Book Online intensive, classic, tantra Massages with intensive and strengthening, yoni or, lingam Massage, combined with, prostate or, pelvic Floor Massage if desired. Two pairs of hands or couples 380. That represents only the dark side of tantra. Two pairs of hands or couples 880. Learn more » (with no extra charge) Book Online » Bondage Ritual For you we will create an exclusive experience which harmoniously combines Japanese bondage with our Kashima Tantra Massage. Enlightenment occurs when karmic impurities, mental stupor, intellectual confusion, and emotional turmoil do not block the flow of our inner light. Tantra has become synonymous with immorality and orgies.