Finally a competition for Tinder?

Love for a night only via an application that assumes, it tempts you?

How to distinguish Tinder users who are looking for a relationship from those who only consider one-night strokes? Perhaps by changing App. Casualx is aimed at all those who want a little action in their sex life, whether they are single, married or not. With some simple rules: no tomorrow, no misunderstanding, but a good time spent between two consenting adults. To avoid being toast, Casualx has focused on safety and discretion. Each profile is first analyzed, to be sure they are not cans. The app also provides privacy features to hide its photos for example. Or, creating a secret code necessary for its opening to avoid the bad jokes of colleagues drunk and humorous, late night.

How your Tinder matches ends up in Facebook’s Friend suggestions

If you’re a Tinder user, you’ve probably already experienced the strange surprise of finding a Facebook friend of your Tinder match. Maybe even a Tinder match with which you did not exchange any message. How is it possible ?
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Tinder is restructuring with former Yahoo and Youtube Employees

Tinder just started its biggest restructuring of staff from the surprise departure of its director, Christopher Payne.

In August 2013, the departure of Christopher Payne seat of the steering Tinder had much attention, since the person left the ship a few months after his appointment. At the time, the most pessimistic about the future of Tinder already compared the financial risks of those startup of Snapchat, to the extent that the application did not provide reassuring signs about his future. Continue reading “Tinder is restructuring with former Yahoo and Youtube Employees”