Artist Used Tinder to Promote New Album

Tinder is a new social platform for artists to share their work, the evidence with Vakle who promotes his music on the application. And bonus points, you can still try to get a date with her.

The Danish singer Vakle has a sense of marketing. To promote his song “BOY” the singer offers users Tinder listen to his exclusive single and same … From the dredge on the application.
A logical choice

The title “BOY” Danish singer Vakle refers to sensual love and relationships. What better place to promote his song on Tinder, deemed the application to facilitate one night stands. We can therefore log on Tinder and listen to the music of singer and if we are lucky even matcher with it to discuss. A good way to meet new people while promoting his music.
Good promo for a complete unknown

The singer is a marketing coup here, with only 500 Facebook fans, virtually unknown here will offer media attention. Using Tinder democratizes increasingly to promote different companies and associations such as Social Tess Animal Rescue which allowed time for an afternoon New Yorkers to users of the application to match with an adorable labrador adopt. The operation was a success with over 1500 people match with the dog during the first hour! A good way to highlight the association. Danish young, she comes from the Jutland peninsula and then expatriate to Britain, where she studied in a music school specializing in electro.

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